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Happy New Year from Treasury Rentals

We know there is nothing special about January 1, but we do like the idea of starting a new year with a fresh slate, and an abundance of hope as we turn to a new page in our calendars.

2017 was a year marked by change. From the city we call home (though that happened at the end of 2016, we settled into our new city in 2017), a new office space, a full shift in our inventory and collections, a new website, new partnerships with incredibly talented friends, and a calendar that was fuller than we were prepared for. As we dive into 2018, we are preparing to double our events from last year, grow our team, creating better processes and systems to make things run smoothly for us and you, launching our 2018 lookbook and updates to our website, and embracing the growth and change that 2017 blessed us with. We have more on that in the next few months, but for now, we sit in awe of the love and support we’ve received, and can’t wait to serve another year of clients!

The biggest driving force for us this year is creating greater stability and freedom for us to operate in a way that honors our clients, our process, and our family. With great change that 2017 brought our way, it also brought many challenges and shifts of heart and focus that we weren’t necessarily prepared for. We felt overworked, and pushed beyond our limits during many of our weekends, and though we don’t have our answers yet, we are excited to be working with people that help us seek clarity in life and business so we can better serve our clients and ourselves.


A few things to expect in 2018:

A new invoicing system.

We’ve been working in a system that was not made for rentals leaving us piecing together processes. It’s made sending invoices and creating proposals a slower process than we’d like, and we’re excited to say that we’ve been working on transitioning our inventory into a new system that will allow us to move faster and will also help us ensure that we aren’t double booking any of our collections. 

New faces.

Though we wish we were ready to bring on a full team to usher in 2018, you will be seeing a few new faces pop in around the office. From responding to emails and creating proposals to helping with deliveries and event prep, we can’t wait to start introducing you to some of the other hands that will make Treasury Rentals a success in 2018. 

Lots of traveling.

Our 2018 calendar is already quickly filling in, and we’re excited to be serving clients from Jacksonville to Ft. Lauderdale. Though, we are also thrilled to have a growing list of events right here at home in the Lakeland and Tampa areas.


Things we are hoping for:

New and continued partnerships with companies and professionals that we are so inspired by.

They push us and challenge us to continue to dream and create at a high level, and we know we need more of that in our lives.

A fully booked calendar.

We are getting there, but we are hoping to fully book up our 2018 calendar with events.

Take a vacation.

A little more personal, but we are hoping to plan a few family vacations as we fill out our busy events calendar. Creating processes and working with a team that can ensure our clients are covered so we can take moments to step away.

Serve our community.

We know that building a strong business for us revolves around a strong community, and serving our community is something we are passionate about. Finding the right ways to plug in, give back, and celebrate the success of our community is something we are looking forward to.


Let us know what you’re gearing up for in 2018. We’d love to support you and cheer you on as you navigate through the New Year!